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WordPress Web Design Services Saskatoon - Red Feather Design

WordPress Solutions

Let us give you the professional online presence you need to succeed. We build WordPress websites from start to finish, in all sizes and for all budgets.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system originally developed as a blogging platform. Over the past several years, it’s evolved into a powerful tool for creating nearly any type of website. We use WordPress for our clients’ sites for several reasons:

  • It helps us develop websites faster and more affordably
  • You can put virtually any type of design onto it
  • It can do just about anything you can think of
  • It’s easy for clients to manage, update and add to, and
  • Google loves it!

What we do

Building a website is a process, and you may want any or all of the following.


We can help with research, evaluate your competition, Identify your type and target market, determine website goals and unique value propositions.

We’ll explore website and feature likes and dislikes, determine page names and propose a menu structure. And we’ll help you decide on a domain name and purchase it.

A website audit might be helpful if you have an existing website. Website auditing involves going through an existing website page by page and reporting on strengths and weaknesses, together with suggested improvements.  It includes such things as design, colors, site speed, page structure, website optimization, and page ranking.

If the website is fairly complex, we’ll create wireframes identifying page structure of the home page and sometimes a few of the inside pages.

Finally, we’ll help you decide on a domain name and help your purchase it. Conceptualization ends with a firm plan and quotation.


Go with an existing template, bring us your design or let us give you a fully customized design matching existing branding and collaterals.

Here we finalize the design decisions made during conceptualization, assign special features to specific pages, discuss typography, create wire frames, source images & create design mockups.  We generally assume a standard of two rounds, with two revisions.


We offer full WordPress development, from template creation to widgets, custom post types, Gutenberg blocks and fully custom plugins.

When you view your website, the frontend (what you see) is based on stylesheets and template files.  Stylesheets are a collection of rules that define a page’s layout.  Template pages define part of a web page generated by a WordPress theme.  Together, these dictate how and what the page will display. 

The backend is where you set up custom post types, add content and images, install plugins, set up menus, etc.  Basically, everything you see on the front end is set up on the backend.

WordPress has recently updated the backend tinymce editor to Gutenberg  Blocks, where each piece of content is a draggable ‘block’.  This has revolutionized WordPress.  Now, much of the heavy lifting that was previously done via template files has been taken over by Gutenberg blocks, giving you the ability to reuse blocks and providing much better control over how elements are displayed on the frontend. 

Sometimes template files are still the better choice, however, and we’ll develop whichever is more efficient and gives you and your visitors the best experience.  In general, custom post types and template files are used where a summary page with links to individual single pages for each element.  Otherwise, Gutenberg blocks are used. 

WordPress groups similar items using Custom Post Types.  Examples of custom post types include portfolios, services, teams, etc.    Blog posts are a post type that is built into the WordPress core.  Usually, these groupings require a custom design plus frontend and backend development. 

During the development phase, your website will be viewable at our development servers. Towards development end, we’ll help you obtain your hosting account, and once everything is thoroughly tested, move your website to your hosting account..


If you don’t have time to write your website content, we can do it for you. Pricing depends on the nature of the content, which ranges from simple opinion pieces to complex technical pages that require research or consultation with you.


Google analytics offers a great deal of information on visitor behavior.  We can help clients discover where visitors are landing, how they got there and where they leave.  Visitor behavior can be further analyzed using test subjects and/or heat mapping, which is a service that maps visitor behavior per page visually.  This can help clients discover where visitors are landing, how they’re navigating a page and where they leave.

Sometimes a client is uncertain whether certain website elements are performing as expected.  We can help them analyze these elements and suggest changes.  We then set up A/B split testing and report on performance of each. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of several ways to drive traffic to your website and is an additional service we offer.  Search engine ranking is the placement a URL takes on the results page of a search.  The goal is to rank as high as possible with as many terms as possible. Search engines do not share their secrets, but there are methods that can help improve search engine ranking.  SEO is both a science and an art.  We help with keyword brainstorming, keyword phrase analysis, link checking, site speed optimization, optimizing title, images and headings, SEO friendly content and descriptions.  Clients can request one-time SEO based on current pages, purchase blocks of time at a discounted rate or discuss a rate per page. 


We desire long-term relationships with our clients. Website maintenance is offered at our regular hourly rate. We also offer website maintenance packages with a sliding rated discount based on hours purchased.   These can be customized depending on your needs; however, the most popular option includes updating WordPress core, updating plugins and 3 small content changes priced at $100 per month or $1,000 for a full year (2 free months).

We also offer WordPress training sessions if you wish to update your website yourself.